Why Is My Creeping Fig Dying? – Why & What To Do

If you’ve recently planted a creeping fig in your garden, and it’s now not looking so great, you’re probably wondering what’s wrong. There are many possible causes of a dying creeping fig, but don’t worry; troubleshooting and fixing the problem is a lot easier than you may initially think.  Below, I’ve outlined the common issues … Read more

What Is Eating My Impatiens?

Impatiens are terrific to plant in the garden. Offering a range of shapes and colors, oh, and they are typically easy to maintain, too. The problem is predators, and pests often seek them out. But which ones exactly, and what can you do to stop them? That is exactly what we will be covering here … Read more

Roundup Killed My Grass – Why & What To Do

Roundup is a tried and true product that many gardeners rely on repeatedly to kill weeds. Hence, it’s only natural that you’d assume it would work wonders for your garden too. But of course, there’s a catch! Roundup may be more than capable of killing your weeds, but it may just kill your grass too!  … Read more

Tenacity Killed My Grass – Why & What To Do

Tenacity is a popular herbicide used by gardeners for years to control weed growth in their gardens. So if you applied it to your lawn, you’re probably frustrated to find that it killed more than just your weeds – it killed your grass! Now, rather than the luscious green weed-free grass that you imagined, you’re … Read more

Weed and Feed Killed My Grass – Why & What To Do

Nothing is worse than your lawn, the pride of your home, turning from lush and green to patchy and brown. So if you’ve recently applied Weed and Feed to your lawn, you may wonder why it’s now looking worse than ever. Besides, it’s supposed to have the opposite effect! So why does this happen, what … Read more

Scotts Bonus S Killed My Grass – Why & What To Do

When you bought Scott’s Bonus S, you did not think it was going to kill your grass, did you? This popular lawn treatment is widely used, and not only is it supposed to be a herbicide, but a fertilizer too. So what’s happened here? Surely, it should only do great things for your lawn? Well, … Read more