Sunflower With Multiple Heads – Is This Normal?!

Ah, sunflowers, the gardeners’ floral king. With their tall, thick stems and large dramatic heads, there is little wonder this flower has been a popular summer bloom for decades. As with all our garden plants, sometimes they can do some unexpected things that can have us scratching our heads with confusion – like growing multiple … Read more

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Why Are My Sunflower Leaves Turning Yellow? Should They?

Sunflowers are the suns of the gardeners’ world. It’s undeniable; it’s right there in its very own name. There’s nothing quite like seeing rows upon rows of this beautiful bloom. Even single planted sunflowers can pack a stunning punch for garden visuals. However, it can be frustrating when your sunflowers aren’t quite as healthy as … Read more

What To Do With Sunflower Stalks? – 6 Great Options!

Sunflowers are the embodiment of summer in a plant. Their striking heads have made them popular garden blooms for a long time, and there’s no sign of them going out of fashion any time soon. However, they are large flowers which means their tall, thick stalks are a whole lot of plant, and throwing them … Read more

Why Are My Sunflower Seeds White?

Sunflowers are one of the brightest garden flowers to grow. Their beautiful dramatic heads have made them consistently popular for decades. There are over 70 different sunflower species which means there’s bound to be a sunflower just for you. However, when it comes to their seeds and collecting them from your homegrown blooms, you need … Read more

Why Are My Sunflower Seedlings Drooping? & How To Save Them!

Sunflowers are one of our favorite, generally easiest, summer blooms to grow at home. Their bright, sunny heads bring warmth to any garden they are grown in. However, sometimes when they are young, they can be a little more delicate, and it can be disheartening when they start drooping. Sad sunflowers are not the kind … Read more

How Much Water Do Sunflowers Need?

Sunflowers are the ultimate embodiment of summer. With their large, dramatic heads. Bright colors that range from Sunshine yellow through to deep purple. They are a popular garden bloom that can bring joy to your garden every year (although they are only an annual flower).  But how much water do sunflowers need? Sunflowers need about an … Read more