Will Jeyes Fluid Kill Bamboo?

While many feel that Bamboo makes an invaluable addition to their gardens, for others, it’s no more than an invasive weed. It makes sense. Failure to control Bamboo can quickly see it to spread out of control. Problematically, this results in the pushing out of your other plants, thereby threatening the overall biodiversity makeup in … Read more

Will Jeyes Fluid Kill Ivy?

It’s no secret that Ivy is an extremely fast-growing climber. But for many, it’s an unwelcome invader! If you’re one of these people, you’re probably wondering just how to go about getting rid of it. It’s likely that your mind has drifted to Jeyes Fluid. After all, it’s versatile and renowned for its considerable strength. … Read more

Will Vinegar Kill Quackgrass?

While quackgrass may look and sound innocent enough, chances are you are like most other gardeners if you landed here today – you simply don’t want it on your property! Besides, by its very nature, it’s invasive and known for its complex root system and impressive seed production.  Once it takes hold, it’s really difficult … Read more

Will Vinegar Kill Nutgrass?

Despite its cooling and anti-inflammatory properties, most would agree that nutgrass is little more than a gardening nuisance. Nutgrass, of both the purple and yellow variety, is aggressive and notoriously so. Once this complex weed pops up in your garden, you can expect it to be exceedingly difficult to terminate. However, it’s certainly worth giving … Read more

Will Vinegar Kill Purslane?

Has your garden, or outside property, been overrun by the annual succulent that is Purslane? Want to get rid of it? Well, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll be walking you through exactly what you need to do here today. But can vinegar, the household staple, and favorite, be up for the job? Let’s … Read more

Will Vinegar Kill Daylilies?

On the surface, daylilies, in all of their bright yellow and orange glory, appear to be a charming enough flower. Hence, you may be surprised to find that for many, the emergence of daylilies in their garden is rarely an unwelcome surprise. The reason for this is simple. They’re invasive.  The very presence of daylilies … Read more