Flowers That Start With F

Here’s a list of flower names that begin with the letter F. With an emphasis on common and easy to grow varieties:

Fairy Duster 

Fairy duster is a low spreading shrub which is native to deserts and arid grasslands in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas and Mexico

Fairy Duster (Calliandra Eriophylla)

False Indigo

Baptisia alba, commonly called white wild indigo or white false indigo, is a herbaceous plant native to central and eastern North America.

False indigo (Baptisia alba)

False Rue Anemone

Enemion biternatum, commonly known as the false rue-anemone, is a spring ephemeral native to moist deciduous woodland in the eastern United States and extreme southern Ontario.

False rue anemone (Enemion biternatum)

Fan Flower

The fairy fan-flower or common fan-flower is a small shrub native to southern Australia. The bloom petite oddly shaped purple flowers.

Fan flower (Scaevola Aemula)

Fern Leaf Yarrow 

Achillea filipendulina, commonly known as fernleaf yarrow, an upright, clump-forming yarrow that is native to the Caucasus, Iran, and Afghanistan. They produce clusters of vibrant yellow flowers.

Fern leaf yarrow (Achillea filipendulina)


Tanacetum parthenium, known as feverfew, or bachelor buttons, is a flowering plant traditionally used as a medicinal herb that is used commonly to prevent migraine headaches.

Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium)

Fire Pink

Fire pink’s principal pollinator is the ruby-throated hummingbird (Archilochus colubris), which is attracted by the flower’s bright red petals and sugary nectar.

Fire pink (Silene virginica)

Firecracker Flower

Firecracker Flower (Justicia Rizzinii)


Nemophila maculata, with common names baby blue eyes and fivespot, is a species of flowering plant endemic to California

Flame Nettle

Solenostemon scutellarioides ( Flame Nettle Coleus ) is an evergreen perennial more often grown as an annual in most gardens than not. Grown primarily for the unique variegated foliage, coleus are semi-succulent with toothed, angular leaves.

Flame nettle (Solenostemon or Coleus)

Flannel Flower

The Flannel Flower, as with all native Australian plants, needs to be adaptable and enduring in order to survive.

Flannel Flower. (Actinotus helianthi). Australian Native.

Flax Flower

The flax flower (Linum usitatissimum) is a beautiful and easy-growing annual. It produces plenty of short-lived but fragrant and delicate blue flowers.

Flax Flower. (Linseed).

Floss Flower

Ageratum houstonianum, commonly known as flossflower, bluemink, blueweed, pussy foot or Mexican paintbrush, is a cool-season annual plant often grown as bedding in gardens.

Forget Me Not

The forget me not flower got its name after a Greek word Myositis which actually meant mouse’s ear. 

Forget-Me-Not / Mycositis
Forget-Me-Not / Mycositis


Forsythia. (Golden Bells).

Four O’clock

Thomas Jefferson grew what he referred to as thefragrant Marvel of Peru” at Monticello, where he also cultivated M. longiflora, a creamy-white flowering species native to West Texas and Mexico.

Four O’clock (Mirabilis jalapa)


Used improperly, foxglove is deadly; it can make the heart stop or cause a person to suffocate. Yikes… be careful with this one.



Frangipanis won’t burn, until the outdoor heat reaches extreme (over 500 degrees) temperatures.

Frangipani. (Plumeria).


Freesias produce flowers 10 to 12 weeks after you plant them. Once they begin to bloom, they’ll stay in flower for six weeks or longer

Freesia. (Iris Family).

French Marigold

Tagetes erecta, the Mexican marigold or Aztec marigold is also known as the African marigold.

French Marigold. (Tagetes).

Frikart’s Aster

An easy-growing variety of aster that is also a perennial that blooms from the summer to fall.

Frikart's Aster (Aster x Frikartii)


Fuchsia. (Lady's Ear Drop).

Fumewort (Corydalis solida)

Corydalis solida, the fumewort, is a species of flowering plant native to moist, shady habitats in northern Europe and Asia. The flowers may be mauve, purple, red, or white.

Fumewort (Corydalis solida)

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