Flowers That Start With I

Here’s a list of flower names that begin with the letter I. With an emphasis on common and easy to grow varieties:


Iberis (also known as Candytufts) is a very popular decorative annual flower that is commonly used in landscaping and decorating.

Iberis plants come in many varieties of colors including white, pink and purple.

Iberis plants are related to cabbage and broccoli and the flowers of this plant look similar to those of a carnation.

Iceland Poppy

The Iceland Poppy is a perennial that grows in Iceland, Europe, and Asia.

It has long been known across Iceland for its beauty and uniqueness.

Iceland Poppy plants typically bloom from May until June and are typically bright orange.

Iceland Poppies can also be found in other colors such as yellow and white. Iceland They grow up to 60cm – both in height and spread.

Iceland-Poppy. Papaver nudicaule.

Ice Plant

Delosperma plants are great for beginners, making them one of the most popular succulents to grow.

They work well in small spaces and need little care, which makes Delosperma (commonly called ice plant) an ideal choice for anyone looking for fast-growing, easy-care plants.

Ice Plant. (Delosperma).


The Ilex plant is also known as holly or Christmas berry. This genus of Ilex has 12 species. It belongs to the Aquifoliaceae family, Ilicineae subfamily, and Ilex genus.

It can grow up to 3 meters tall but normally it is between 0.3-2 m tall.

It is dioecious meaning that each individual holly plant is either male or female. 

Ilex. (Holly).


Impatiens, otherwise known as Touch-me-nots, are an easy way to add color and texture to your garden or home landscape.

Impatiens plants come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes making them an excellent choice for any gardener, no matter their level of experience.

Impatiens. (Busy Lizzie).

Indian Blanket

The Indian blanket, or Gaillardia pulchella, is a colorful wildflower that has long been prized by gardeners.

Indian blanket is known for its bright petals and ease of growth.

Indian blanket flowers are not just beautiful to look at but also have sweet scents, making them attractive to birds and butterflies.

Indian blanket (Gaillardia pulchella)

Indian Pink

The Indian pink plant is a low-growing, spreading plant that is bright red and grows in clusters on arching stems and generally flowers in June.

Indian pink plants work well for borders, rock gardens, or hanging baskets.

It thrives in rich, moist, yet drained soil and partial or full shade.

It will often reach 30–61 cm in height with a spread of 15–46 cm.

Indian pink (Spigelia marilandica)

Ipheion Uniflorum

Ipheion uniflorum is a bulbous perennial that forms pretty little star-shaped flowers that are white or pale pink with yellow inside of the petals.

Ipheion uniflorum are often planted in borders and at the front of rock gardens. They thrive in well-drained, but moist soils and flowers in early spring.

Ipheion uniflorum. Starflower, Spring Starflower. (Amaryllis Family).

Ipomoea Alba

Ipomoea Alba (also known as Moonflower and a variety of morning glory) is a fast-growing vine that thrives in warm climates.

Ipomoea alba’s vines can grow to be upwards of thirty feet while producing heart-shaped green leaves and white flowers.

Ipomoea alba. (Moonflower Vine).


Ipomoea. (Morning Glory).


Iris. (Iridaceae).

Italian Aster

The Italian Aster, or Italian Starwort is a perennial flowering plant that grows wild in Italian meadows and flower beds.

It has green leaves, purple petals with yellow centers. Italian aster makes an excellent houseplant during the winter months.

Italian aster (Aster amellus “Veilchenkönigin” VIOLET QUEEN)

Ivy Leaf Geranium 

Ivy Leaf Geranium is a perennial, clump-forming plant with fine foliage, elegant purple flowers and a wonderful scent.

It is very decorative, making it a great all-rounder in your garden or on your patio. It is also fast-growing and low-maintenance.

Ivyleaf geranium (Pelargonium peltatum)


Ixias, known primarily as African corn lilies, is a genus of plants from the family Liliaceae.

African corn lilies are closely related to amaryllis and they both belong to the subfamily Amaryllidoideae.

African corn lilies may be long-lived perennials or annuals.

They have large, showy flowers that appear on a usually leafless stalk. African corn lily flowers range from white to red, orange, and yellow.

African corn lilies are native to the Cape Provinces of South Africa, but have long been cultivated as ornamentals.

They also produce edible bulbs and leaves.

Ixia. (Corn Lily). Iris Family.


Ixora (or West Indian Jasmine Flower) is a popular ornamental vine that produces a varied selection of colors including orange, yellow, red or white blossoms.

West Indian Jasmine emits an intoxicating fragrance that is sweet, heavy, and musky.

West Indian jasmine vines are easy to grow just about anywhere in the world if their basic needs are met.

Ixora is also known as the West Indian Jasmine Flower.

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