Flowers That Start With X

Here’s a list of the different names of flowers that begin with the letter X. With an emphasis on common and easy to grow types:

Xanthoceras Sorbifolium

Xanthoceras Sorbifolium, or more commonly know as Yellowhorn, is a shrub of the genus Xanthoceras.

Its duration is perennial which means it will grow year after year.

Xanthoceras Sorbifolium’s identifying characteristics are its shrubby habit, grayish-green leaves, yellow to orange flowers and rounded fruits.

Xanthoceras sorbifolium. (Yellowhorn).


The Xeranthemum flower is a tall flower with white petals. Xeranthemum flowers are part of the Xeranthmaceae family.

Xeranthemums bloom in the summer and autumn, which makes it a pretty common flower to see around that time.

Xeranthemum flowers grow from bulbs beneath the soil, but they only flower for a short period of time. Xeranthemum plants can grow up to 3 feet tall.

Xeranthemum. (Helichrysum bracteatum). Strawflower.


Xerophyllum. (Bear Grass. Indian Basket Grass).


Xylobium. (Orchid).


Also known as brushhollies, xylosmas, or, more ambiguously, “logwoods”

Xylosma.  (Salicaceae Family).

Xyris Difformis

Xyrs Difformis are herbaceous perennials that have either basal or long-stalked leaves.

The flower color varies between yellow, pink or red and they typically bloom in early summer to mid-summer depending on the region.

Xyris difformis




Xerochrysum are a genus of flowering plant in the family Asteraceae, comprises about 80 species of shrubs and herbaceous perennials.

They grow to between 30–150 cm high with alternate leaves and yellow flowers that turn reddish as they mature.

Xerochrysum is cultivated as a groundcover in temperate gardens for its attractive downy foliage and clusters of large bright yellow chrysanthemum-like flowers which appear on and off throughout most of the year.



Xyris flowers are summer flowering perennials that belong to the Xyridaceae family.

They can be found in open areas and moist soils throughout North America, Central America, and the West Indies.

They may be best known for their purple flower color but they also come in shades of white.

Xyris flowers have a very unique appearance because of their sessile leaves which grow from the base of the flower stem.


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