Killing Stinging Nettles With Vinegar – How To Do It Safely!

The gardening world has been slowly moving back to its organic, no-chemical roots. Using natural fertilizers and plant care solutions is becoming more and more popular. Killing weeds in our gardens is one of the top complaints most gardeners have, and the move to more eco-friendly weed-killing solutions can be nothing but a good thing. … Read more

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How To Water Hanging Baskets Without A Hose

Hanging baskets can be the perfect solution for those of us who don’t have much yard space. However, they can dry out much faster than containers and direct to soil growing. The key to a beautiful garden using hanging baskets is to keep them as well-watered as necessary. But how do you do so without … Read more

Do Acers Like Sun Or Shade? – Optimal Growing Conditions

Acers, commonly known as Japanese Maples, are a fantastic tree choice. No matter the size of your garden, you can grow these majestic and vibrant trees directly in the soil or even in pots. The Acer trees striking range of colors, Orange, Red, Pink, Yellow, and Green, have cemented this tree’s popularity in our gardens. … Read more

Plants Suitable For Tall Narrow Pots – The 5 To Grow!

A potted garden is perfect for those of us who have small gardens or just a sad-looking concrete patch. However, there is an art to making potted plants look beautiful. Particularly if you have tall, narrow pots. A small growing plant or herb in an oversized pot will be swamped by the size of its … Read more

What To Do With Daffodils After Flowering In Pots

Daffodils, as well as many other bulb-type flowers, are one of the first signs that spring has sprung. With their bright yellow heads, they are the perfect remedy to the greying of winter. But what can you do with them once they have bloomed beautifully in pots? Here is what you can do with this … Read more

Can A Plant Regrow Its Roots?

Roots are more than your plants’ anchor and stability. They absorb the oxygen and water from the soil that your plant needs to grow. It’s also how vital nutrients are carried to the rest of the plant. However, roots can be very delicate and damage easily, so naturally, it makes us question whether a plant … Read more