How To Replant Bluebells

I’ve been growing bluebells in my garden for several years now. But with time, I’ve certainly rearranged my plants and learned that some locations are better for bluebells than others. Naturally, I have had to move them. So, today, I want to share with you my knowledge of replanting bluebells and some best practices along … Read more

How To Tell English Bluebells From Spanish

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about English Bluebells and Spanish Bluebells. Specifically how they differ and how to tell the difference between the two. So today, I’d like to comprehensively break down these flowers and to, hopefully, help you finally tell them apart. How To Identify English Bluebells  To spot English Bluebells, look for … Read more

When To Dig Up Bluebells – All You Need To Know

Bluebells are a beautiful addition to any garden, with their vibrant blue flowers and delicate scent. However, knowing when to dig up bluebells can be tricky, as they are bulbs that require careful handling.  In this guide, we’ll explore the key factors to consider when deciding when to dig up bluebells and how to do … Read more

What Are White Bluebells Called?

As a lover of all things floral, I find myself constantly exploring the vast world of flowers. Recently, I stumbled upon a unique type of bluebell; those that are white! But it lead to me questioning, what are white bluebells called? Today, I’d like to present to you my findings. What Are White Bluebells Called? … Read more

Why Are My Bluebells Not Flowering?

Today I want to talk about a common problem many of us face – the frustration of bluebells that just won’t flower!  As someone who has grown these beautiful flowers in my own garden, I understand the disappointment of waiting and waiting for them to bloom, only to be left with bare stalks and no … Read more

When To Cut Back Bluebells

I love the bluebells in my garden. But with that comes the responsibility of knowing when and how to cut them back. Today, I’ll share my insights on when to cut back bluebells, how often to do it, how to go about it, and important things to consider. When To Cut Back Bluebells The best … Read more