Flowers That Start With W

Some common flower names beginning with W include Waterlilly, Watsonia, Wild Lilly, and Wishbone. Here are the different types of flowers that start with W.


Sparaxis tricolor, known by the common names wandflower, harlequin flower, and sparaxis, colorful flowers which are bi- or tri-colored with a golden center and a small ring of brown surrounded by another color.

Wandflower. (Spraxis).

Water Avens


Waterlily. (Nymphaea).


Native to South Africa, Watsonia species were introduced as garden ornamentals to Australia in the mid-19th century and were widely grown by the 1940s. 

Waterlily. (Nymphaea).

Wax Plant

The way plant gets its name because of the waxy appearance of the flowers and leaves.

Wax Plant. (Hoya carnosa).


Wedelia. (Sunflower Family).


Weigela. (Caprifoliaceae Family).

Whipple’s Cholla

The dried fruit of this cactus ground into a flour, mixed with ground cornmeal and made into a mush.

Whirling Butterflies

Whirling Butterflies. (Gaura).

Wild Rose

Wild Rose. (Rosaceae Family).

Willow Bell

Its flowers are cup-shaped and can be either lilac-blue or white.

Willow bell (Campanula persicifolia)

Winged Monkey Flower

Mimulus alatus, the sharpwing monkeyflower, or winged monkey flower is native to North America and its blooming season is from June to September. 

Winged monkey flower (Mimulus alatus)

Wishbone Flower

It is also called the bluewings or Torenia fournieri.

Wishbone Flower


Wisteria flowers growing outside and around a house.
Wisteria.  A member of the Pea Family (Fabaceae).

Witch Hazel

The fruit of witch hazel can be yellow, red or orange. The North American species are occasionally called winterbloom.

Witch Hazel (Hamamelis)

Woolly Violet

Woolly Violet. (Viola sororia).

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