Press Release: MyGardenFlowers Acquires CaliforniaOrganicFlowers

We are delighted to announce that is now part of

My Garden Flowers, an online resource for garden flowers, has acquired California Organic Flowers. This merger strengthens our position in the flower industry. The official acquisition date is 30th August, 2023.

California Organic Flowers was an online flower retailer offering locally grown flowers as gifts, operating out of the state of California.

On 30th August 2023, the California Organic Flowers site was merged into MyGardenFlowers.

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What Did California Organic Flowers Do?

California Organic Flowers, which was based in Chico, California, specialized in growing and shipping fresh organic flowers directly from their farm to locations across the continental U.S.

Their range of flower varieties extended beyond traditional choices like roses and carnations.

About MyGardenFlowers

Since June 2017, My Garden Flowers has operated as an online publication and resource that provides flower content; helping passionate gardeners and hobbyists find answers to the most commonly asked questions.

The site is a personal passion project of the founder and owner Jesse Wilkinson (a florist with over 15 years of experience), who is dedicated to sharing all of her knowledge pertaining to plants and flowers.

Here, you can find a wealth of information on different plant and flower types, care tips, pest control, plant and flower revival, among much more.

The synergy between the venture, MyGardenFlowers, and CaliforniaOrganicFlowers resulted in a successful merger.

Jesse Wilkinson, the founder of MyGardenFlowers, shared the following about this acquisition:

California Organic Flowers was a fantastic service (local to where I am based) that provided a wonderful array of flower gifts. This merger will help us to explore new opportunities in the flower space, particularly in offering our own locally grown flowers in the future. I am extremely excited to acquire the business.

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