14 Wonderful Orchid Gifts For Every Enthusiast

Orchids. There are few flowering plants quite like them. Their colorful blooms are a real sight to behold. It’s no surprise that they are a flower loved by many. So naturally, you’re looking for an orchid-inspired gift for such a person, right? Well, here are some of the best orchid gifts available!

Umbra Orchid Jewelry Hanging Tree Stand

This decorative metal powder coated hanging tree orchid stand is elegant as it is functional. With 12 individual hooks for hanging necklaces and bracelets, the leaf-shaped bottom dish can be used to store smaller pieces like rings and earrings. The design is also highly practical, leveraging vertical space as opposed to horizontal space.

White Orchid Artificial Flowers In Pot

White Orchid Artificial Flowers In Pot

This stunning, realistic artificial white orchid would make a fantastic gift. It’s light, durable, and naturally easy to ‘care for’ without the need of watering, feeding or trimming. With 11 heads on 2 bouquets, it’s a great size and can be used to decorate any space – regardless if a real orchid would normally thrive there. I also love the fact that the materials are odorless, non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Gold Plated Orchid Flower Necklace

This delicate gold plate cascading flower necklace is perfect for the style conscious orchid lovers. It has a shiny gloss finish, an adjustable cable chain (with a 2″ extension) and features a lobster-clasp for a secure connection. It is made from premium (and durable) gold plated brass and is designed and assembled to order in the USA.

Living White Premium Double Stem Orchid

Why not gift a living premium double stem orchid? Right ready to care for? It arrives between 20-30″ tall, and is delivered in a decorative blooms box that will also ensure its safety. You can even get a personal gift note included if you wanted to send it directly as a gift. And as orchids do not require much water, most people can keep them alive even if they do not have much time!

Bath & Body Spa Vanilla Orchid Gift Basket

Treat that special someone in your life to pure relaxation with this elegant spa gift set. Ready for gift-giving, there are 7 products that all come in a beautiful wire basket and with and neatly ribboned. Shower gel, bubble bah, body scrub, body lotion, floral bath bombs, bath salt and a bath puff are all included. All enchanted with the gorgeous orchid scent.

rePotme Slotted Clear Orchid Pots

This set of four orchid pots are great for any orchid grower. You get a 3″, 4″, 5″ and 6″ pot in the set, all made from plant safe materials and provide excellent drainage and airflow. While great for orchids, you can also grow African violets, succulents and other similar plants in them, too! I also love the fact they are available in crystal clear (pictured) along with three other colors (golden creme, green emerald and rose quartz).

Small Stainless Steel Metal Watering Can

This beautiful, elegant and practical stainless steel metal watering can is ideal for keeping any orchid hydrated. Standing at only 5″ and carrying 16oz when full, its easy and comfortable to hold. It’s also easy to refill (via the semi-open top design) and the long spout and light nature makes it easy to reach underneath low-hanging leaves, hard to reach roots or to even refill other watering vessels, like glass spray bottles. With a brushed and hand-polished steel finish, it also looks fantastic when on the side and it will also last, being able to resist wear, scratches, tarnishes and rusting!

Lego Orchid

With this Lego set, you can literally build your own orchid. This building project is not just fun, but it also makes for a great decorative piece (when complete) too. The models stems, blooms, roots and leaves can all be rotated too, and you can even create new combinations of flower combinations should you desire. With great attention to detail, this looks incredibly authentic, and was designed with the adult Lego builder in mind. A fun, unique gift.

Light Up Artificial White Orchid Flowers

These artificial light up orchids are quite simply, stunning. With 12 LED lights arranged on orchid stems, they are designed with both pre-light and timer functionality powered by 2 AA batteries with no ugly wires being exposed. They are incredibly realistic, and I personally love the textured pot for contrast. A convenient and great size at 12″ in height, and 8″ in width. They even feel real to touch, can be easily cleaned (to remove dust) and can even be reshaped to a new position as desired.

24k Gold Plated Eternal Orchid Flower Brooch

What about this artisan handcrafted 24k gold plated orchid brooch? It’s an ideal size at 3 x 2 x 1.2 inches. It also comes with a jewelry pouch to gift the item in, that also doubles up to be a means of storage when not in use.

Custom Orchid Wine Tumbler

This 12oz wine tumbler is an ideal gift for any orchid lover. You can easily customize the text during purchase, being able to edit the text, font, color and style. The tumbler itself is free from any toxic materials (including lead and BPA) yet with double wall, vacuum insulation – it can keep cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours, or even hot drinks hot for up to 48. So while its a wine tumbler first and foremost, it can be used with any type of drink!

Crocs – Pearl Pink/Wild Orchid

Crocs. There not for everyone but if you know somebody in the ‘love croc camp’, then these would go down very well. These are crocs in the colors pearl pink/wild orchid (hence the inclusion n this list). They are available in a wide range of sizes, and make for a highly comfortable, lightweight and practical outdoor shoe. Being waterproof helps too!

Personalized Orchid Mug

What more could you want than a personalized orchid coffee mug? This 11oz option is also customizable, where you can specify the text during checkout – with the text, font, color and style all editable. Made from 100% ceramic, it is also microwavable and dishwasher safe. I also love the rounded corners which makes drinking from, more comfortable too!

Premium Bio Organic Orchid Plant Food

Anyone growing orchid needs premium plant food! Look no further. This fertilizer stimulates root growth, leaf development and flower bloom – all due to the robust variety of organic plant nutrients and trace minerals it provides! You get 100 EarthPods (a 4 year supply) which are odorless, pre-measured and are easy to use (all you need to do is put an EarthPod into potting soil mix and then water). This box is also compact, easy to store, recyclable and pet/child friendly too.

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