20 Gorgeous Types of Aster Flowers For Any Garden

Aster can be perennials or annuals mostly with narrow leaves, and solitary or clustered, daisy-like flowers. These are the different types of aster flowers:

Aster Amellus

Close up of several Aster Amellus flowers in full bloom.

Aster amellus is a perennial also known as the Italian Starwort, Michaelmas Daisy, Fall Aster. The daisy-like flowers of the Aster Amellus are violet-blue and the center is yellow.

Alpine Aster

Alpine aster, Aster alpinus

The alpine aster, Aster alpinus, is a short-lived cold weather perennial in the very large Asteraceae family that includes daisies

Harrington’s Pink Aster

A bunch of Aster novae-angliae - Harrington's Pink Aster flowers in full bloom.

Aster novae-angliae (Harrington’s Pink Aster) is a variety of aster that produces large clusters of flowers. The flowers of the Harrington’s Pink Aster are about one inch wide with pink petals and a yellow center.

Tatarian Aster

Tatarian Aster

Purple Dome

A field of Aster novae-angliae (Purple Dome Aster).

Purple Dome Asters are varieties of Aster novae-angliae. However, this type of aster flower is purple with a yellow center.

Aster Frikartii

Close up of a single Aster Frikartii flower in full bloom.

 Aster Frikartii is a hardy variety of aster that has lavender-blue daisy flowers with a yellow center.

Aster Wartburg Star (Aster Tongolensis)

Aster Wartburg Star (Aster Tongolensis)

Aster Wartburg Star (Aster Tongolensis) is a perennial aster. It is also called East Indies Aster, this perennial can be grown from seeds, and it grows fast reaching 24 inches in height. Wartburg Aster has bushy, mat-forming, dark-green foliage with hairy, elliptic shaped leaves.

Fellowship Aster (Aster Novi-belgii)

Fellowship Aster (Aster Novi-belgii)

Aster novi-belgii (Fellowship Aster) grows beautifully shaped, pale pink, double flowers that are 2.25-inches wide.

Ada Ballard (Aster novi-belgii)

Ada Ballard (Aster novi-belgii)

This type of aster, Aster novibelgii ‘Ada Ballard‘ (New York Aster), features masses of large, double, lavender-blue flowers.

Calico Aster

Calico Aster

Calico Aster is a perennial plant that produces large white clusters of flowers.

Pink Aster

Pink Aster (Callistephus Chinensis)

Pink Aster (Callistephus Chinensis) is one of the easiest varieties of asters to grow. It’s an annual plant that produces double, pink chrysanthemum-like flowers.

Sea Aster (Tripolium pannonicum)

Sea Aster (Tripolium pannonicum)

Sea aster is a halophyte, meaning that it grows in places that are affected by salinity. So, these types of asters are found near oceans and beaches. They are also called the seashore aster.

White Cutter Flower (Aster ericoides)

Aster ericoides - White Cutter Flower

Grunder (Aster amellus)

Grunder (Aster amellus)

Aster amellus ‘Grunder‘ (Italian Aster) is a very distinctive Aster variety with its profuse and long lasting sprays of large, deep lavender-blue flowers.

New England Aster (Aster novae-angliae)

New England Aster variety, ‘Harrington’s Pink‘ (Aster novaeangliae) features masses of delicate, clear pink flowers. The plant grows up to six feet tall.

Jungfrau (Aster x frikartii)

Jungfrau (Aster x frikartii)

Standing out in the late summer and fall garden when other plants are starting to fade, Aster x frikartii ‘Jungfrauis one of the first Asters to bloom.

Little Carlow (Cordifolius hybrid)

Little Carlow‘ is a hybrid between cultivars of Aster cordifolius and Aster Novi-belgii. It typically grows to 2′ tall and blooms beautiful violet flowers.

Aster Sedifolius ‘Nanus’ (Rhone Aster) 

Aster sedifolius 'Nanus' (Rhone Aster)

The compact, Aster sedifolius ‘Nanus‘ forms a massive display of star-shaped, lilac-blue flowers, 1.25 in. wide with bright yellow centers.

Aster Dumosus (Bushy Asters)

Aster Dumosus (Bushy Asters)

Close up of the flower head of a variety of Aster Dumosus (Bushy Asters). These types of asters come in a variety of colors including sapphire and wood purple.

Snow Flurry (Aster ericoides f. prostratum)

A very attractive low-growing variety, Aster ericoides fprostratum ‘Snow Flurry‘ (Heath Aster) forms a dense, spreading mat with its arching stems that seem to undulate across the ground. Its fine ferny foliage of very tiny, stiff and linear leaves is more reminiscent of heaths than asters.



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