Types of Hibiscus

There are over 200 different hibiscus plant species. Each a different size, shape, and color. These are the different types of hibiscus:

Confederate Rose Hibiscus

This flower blooms lush pink petals that have a ruffled look. It’s not a type of rose, despite the name, the Confederate Rose is actually a hibiscus flower.

Confederate Rose Hibiscus Flower

Fringed Hibiscus

This type of Hibiscus has a unique look due to its lacy petals are that dangle from vine-like stems.

Fringed Hibiscus

Marina Hibiscus

The violet-blue flowers of the Marina hibiscus have a dark purple center and a white stamen that pops out the middle. The flower grows to about 4 inches wide.

Marina Hibiscus

Oiseau Bleu Hibiscus

The Oiseau Bleu hibiscus has lavender-blue petals with purple-red streaks.

Oiseau Bleu Hibiscus

Simple Pleasures Hibiscus

 This variety of hibiscus has nine to ten-inch blooms. Simple Pleasures has a bright red center that turns to pink then yellow as you get to the tip.

Palm Springs Hibiscus

Here’s a variety of tropical hibiscus that has captivating flowers. The flowers are usually six to eight inches in size. At the center, the flower is orange while the outer petal is yellow.

Bedazzled Hibiscus

A double hibiscus with a ruffled-skirt look. The flowers grow to about six to eight inches wide and are a deep orange blend.

Aphrodite Hibiscus

Like all the above mention varieties of hibiscus plants, this is also a tropical hibiscus (see hardy hibiscus plants below). It has fuchsia-colored flowers that grow to about nine inches wide.

Lord Baltimore Hibiscus

Lord Baltimore is a hardy hibiscus (like all the types of hibiscus below). It has bright red flowers that are ten inches wide.

Blue River II Hibiscus

Blue River II is a variation of hibiscus that has pure white flowers that grow between six to ten inches wide.

Kopper King

Kopper King is another hardy type of hibiscus (also a perennial flower). It produces blooms that are at least 12 inches wide. The center of the flower is bright pink but becomes a mixture of white and pink closer to the edge.

Scarlet Rose Mallow Hibiscus

This hibiscus plant grows sets of three to seven red petals spaced like a pinwheel. The flower is about six to eight inches wide.

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