What Does No Rain No Flowers Mean?

Have you heard the saying ‘no rain no flowers’? Perhaps someone has said it to you but you don’t know what it means. Well, here is the meaning behind it.

So, what does no rain no flowers mean? No rain no flowers essentially means that good will sometimes come from a struggle, pain, or challenge. While rain is not necessarily desirable, flowers blossom because of it and use it to their advantage. They embrace the rain for what it is and thrive because of it.

Those are the general sentiments of the saying, but it could be interpreted in many different ways.

That’s the beauty behind it.

Either way, growth – be it spiritually, physically or emotionally, is hard.

And that’s what this metaphor is all about.

It’s overcoming.

It’s embracing.

It’s not being beaten when something happens.

So regardless of whether you actually like the rain, or don’t like flowers; the saying is a generalization based on popular sentiment.

And of course, you could even apply that to the saying itself.

You can choose to accept the rain and do not let it derail you – embrace your challenges and obstacles. Even use them to your advantage.

Or, you can let the hardships, struggles beat you.

Ultimately, your approach and mindset are going to be the determining factor on what the rain does for you.

Besides, the rain is coming anyway.

Flowers, or you, cannot control it.

But you can control how you choose to respond.

If you accept the rain is coming, acknowledge the inconvenience and uncomfortable nature of it and embrace it for what it is, you can grow and progress.

You can be happy, regardless of it.

Turn bad in to good.

No rain, no flowers.