Is Mandevilla Poisonous To Dogs?

Are you contemplating growing the stunningly vibrant flowering plant that is Mandevilla? I’m not surprised, from bright pink to vibrant red, or even white – this is a flower that boasts a range of colors as a vine or a bush. Wondering whether you still can since you have a dog. Is this plant safe around them even? Well, here is everything you are going to want to know. 

So, is Mandevilla poisonous to dogs? Mandevilla is not regarded as poisonous to dogs, but it is mildly toxic. Thus, if your dog consumes Mandevilla, they may suffer from temporary symptoms such as vomiting spurts and stomach discomfort, depending on how much is eaten. These symptoms may be exacerbated if the plant is laced with pesticides.

To help you avoid this risk altogether, I’ve shared a few tips that should aid you in putting some much-needed distance between your dog and your Mandevilla. 

Read on to find out everything you need to know! 

Will Dogs Eat Mandevilla?

Dogs will likely eat Mandevilla if given the opportunity. This is more likely in certain breeds and especially likely if a dog is bored, under-stimulated, or hungry.

In lieu of their usual meat and tasty treats, dogs have somewhat garnered a reputation for grazing on the likes of grass and other plant life. 

Thus, it’s only logical to infer that if given a chance, they would happily extend their casual grazing habits to your Mandevilla too. 

After all, it’s an attractive enough plant with an irresistibly sweet smell. How could a hungry pup resist?! 

What Would Happen To A Dog If They Ate Mandevilla?

Although your Mandevilla won’t outright poison your dog, it is mildly toxic. Upon its consumption, your dog will experience the likes of diarrhea and vomiting, stomach pains and cramps, and perhaps even a loss of appetite. 

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. 

Besides, this plant is not listed on the ‘Plants Toxic To Dogs list‘ of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

Nevertheless, just because it is not considered to be a

Whilst it’s awful to see your dog in any form of ill health, the likelihood is that the symptoms will clear up within a 24-hour period and won’t cause any further issues thereafter. 

However, there are particular circumstances that can cause some dogs to suffer more than others. 

The first is the nature of the dog itself.

Essentially, the weaker the immune system of your dog, the more severe the symptoms will be. 

Dogs that are at a heightened risk include those that are already unwell, dogs on the younger side who are not yet in their prime or generally very established, and finally, older dogs who have become slightly weaker as a result of the natural aging process. 

Second, if when eating your way through your Mandevilla, your dog wound up eating plant food or, worse, pesticides, the symptoms could transpire to be pretty serious.

From breathing difficulties to convulsions, it’s not a risk worth taking!

How To Keep Dogs Away From Your Mandevilla

Of course, your best bet is to keep your dog well away from your Mandevilla. Here’s how: 

Scent Deterrents 

Scent deterrents are a tried and true method that has long been adopted to keep pests away from plant life that they regard as prey.

Your dog is by no means a pest, but the same logic applies.

By placing a scent or two that your dog is sure to dislike near your Mandevilla, you’ll repel it from the area and subsequently keep your Mandevilla safe.

There are several smells that dogs dislike, so go ahead and take your pick! To name a few – anything citrusy, vinegar, chili, and even regular perfume. 

Keep Your Mandevilla Out Of Reach 

If your dog can’t get to your Mandevilla, it won’t be able to eat it. Simple!

It’s helpful that, unlike cats, dogs aren’t exactly climbers.

Thus, you’ll only need to look to protect the lower portion of your Mandevilla that they are able to reach.

Many have installed fences or gates to do so, and their permanent nature means that once they’re up, you won’t need to take any further steps. 

Sufficient Alternative Food 

A fed dog is much less likely to graze than a hungry dog.

So, by refraining from allowing your dog to enter a peckish state, it’s likely that you’ll manage to control its interaction with your Mandevilla.

When feeding your dog, do try to ensure that it gets a good balance of nutrients to ensure that it has zero deficiencies and, thus, zero need to source essential nutrients outside of its designated food bowl. 

Keep Your Pup Occupied 

If you let your dog out in the garden, it could be beneficial for you to go out too. It’s a fantastic opportunity to bond, as well as to ensure that your dog is getting sufficient mental and physical stimulation.

Of course, it’s the most hands-on approach of the bunch, which is not always pragmatic, but at least you’ll be able to keep your dog busy in the best possible way and, essentially, distract it from paying any attention to your Mandevilla. 

Other Suggestions When Keeping Mandevilla Around Dogs 

Contact Your Vet

The Mandevilla may only be mildly toxic, but if your dog is clearly distressed or even acting slightly out of character, I recommend that you enlist the support and expertise of your vet right away.

The vet will be able to tell you if there is any long-term cause for concern, and knowing that your dog is in well-qualified hands will surely put you at ease. 

Stick To Non-Toxic Products

It’s inevitable that your dog will always strive to explore its playground, i.e., your garden. It will graze away and try new things, and you won’t always be able to catch it in the act.

Thus, for your own peace of mind, it’s worth refraining from using toxic products of any kind in your garden.

When you do, you put the health of your dog at significant risk, and the repercussions could even be deadly.

Don’t chance it! Instead, opt for organic, environmentally friendly products.

They may be a little more expensive and a little more difficult to source than their toxic peers, but they’re very much out there, and there’s no debating that the health of your dog is worth it. 

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